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Tanya Scherer

Photo of Tanya Scherer

Kindergarten, Grade 4

Hello Everybody!  

Can you believe it? I grew up in Medicine Hat and I even went to KINDERGARTEN at Mother Teresa School!

After elementary school I attend St. Mary's Junior high and McCoy.  I then took 2 years at the Medicine Hat College and moved to Lethbridge to attend the University for 3 years. I graduated from the U of L with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education.  My very first teaching job was at St. Michael's School in Bow Island where I taught for 5 years various grades and subjects (grade 2, 3, 4, and Religion 11 and English 30).  I was then blessed with a son, Lincoln, who has been God's most precious gift! I taught full day/every day kindergarten at Mother Teresa for 2 years, kindergarten and grade 1 at St. Louis School for 2 years and then returned to Mother Teresa Kindergarten.  I have been teaching kindergarten for the past 5 years and am excited to be teaching here again this year! It feels like home!!!!

I have 2 dogs, Chaz (a yellow lab) and Nixon (an energetic black lab/boarder collie) and 1 fluffy, white cat named Milo.  I love to read (especially all sorts of children's books), camp, travel, and spend time with my family and friends.  I also love to laugh, play and learn new things!

Now that you have learned a little about me - please stop by the Kindergarten room any time - I want to learn all about you!